Valentine’s Looks For the Girl Who Doesn’t Want To Be Covered in Hearts

It’s that time of year again.  The one I totally used to moan about. Valentine’s Day. Actually, quite frankly – I wasn’t too much of a complainer during this time of year. Even on my most depressed single-gal nights, I was still ever the optimist, hoping that my big love was right around the corner. This is my first Valentine’s Day with a Bae, but I definitely have rung in the holiday in my share of alternative splendor. From everything to dressing up like Cupid and buying Taco Bell for my roommates (also single) to having a late night seance to contact Philip Seymour Hoffman (drooooool. Ladies, amiright?) I’ve definitely earned some bad-gal street cred celebrated the Anti-Valentines/Galentine’s/Grumpentine’s you name it.



I’m totally excited about this holiday – heck I’m going to PARIS. But a part of me wants to ease into it. You won’t be seeing me toting around a Build-A-Bear anytime soon. Nor do I want to wear any variety of heart-patterned dress.


But how does one dress romantically? Here’s what I’ll be focusing on.


Something Natural  Thinking about love makes me think of being outdoors, in nature. Strolling, holding hands, enjoying the sunlight (or the rain!). I love to add an element of nature into my wardrobe. Crystals (like the Rose Quartz necklace I’m wearing above) really kill it in the natural department. And I love how each crystal has a different meaning – such a good opportunity to tailor your accessories to any occasion! My favorite Valentine’s stones are Rose Quartz (love, and self love) Carnelian (creativity and sexuality) and Moonstone (feminine intuition). Tip: you can tell if the stones you’ve seen at a store are natural if they feel cool to the touch.  



Something Spontaneous If you’re like me, there have been several dates where you’ve fantasized about an incredible outfit you KNOW is going to be perfect and when you actually execute the look, its totally uncomfortable the WHOLE TIME. I’ve worn my share of titty-tops that result in all-night adjusting. Dresses that show off my arms yet feel totally cold. Pencil-skirts that show off every panty line imaginable (yeah, even a thong line, they don’t solve everything). And dresses that are perfect for the occasion yet not perfect for the weather at all. In most cases, garments that I feel like I could run in without my skirt blowing up around my face are the things I reach for the most. Most of my dates don’t go as planned and usually involve an additional stop or two. So tights, flats, a comfy flowy dress, and a leather bomber are usually my go-tos. Can’t beat a cross-body bag either! Hands free!




Something Memorable For my first date with my boyfriend, I wore a floral kimono with bell sleeves. It was a show-stopper. For Christmas, we decided to not get each other gifts, so bae wrote a song for me,  and the first verse definitely mentions those big ol’ sleeves. This cute floral dress from ASOS has floral bell sleeves, and although it doesn’t match up color wise, it makes me feel like a cool 1960’s bombshell (the same way I felt on our first date).


Other things I’m a fan of:

Anything to increase touch. Wearing a fun textured sweater, or popping on a coat with some faux-firm trim will definitely invite some extra cuddles.

Stank Memories are romantic , remember? Your sense of smell is the most powerful memory-trigger of them all, so why not warm everyone’s heart with the same romantic candle from your first night in (OOH-LA-LA!) or even the shampoo you were using last summer when he first got a whiff of your bottle-dyed locks (GARNIER FRUCTIS. JOGGING YOUR MEMORY BABY?)


All in all, I think there’s a lot more to romance than chocolates, hearts and teddy bears. And I think there’s more to romance than a holiday. In fact, I usually hate doing whatever activity is associated with the holiday (COSTUME PARTIES ARE MORE FUN WHEN THEY’RE NOT ON HALLOWEEN, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST). But this is a milestone for me, so I’ll be celebrating with a bit less cynicism than I have in previous years. I hope you do too!




Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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