My boyfriend and I are total whackos when it comes to vitamins. Seriously, a trip to CVS or GNC becomes an oddly flirtatious experience for us. I don’t know why.

(Another place we also get oddly frisky at is the library. Books, vitamins? I’m guessing we are both expressing our inner yearnings to be an elderly couple or HEALTH AND KNOWLEDGE TURN US ON BECAUSE OF EVOLUTION BABY!!!).

My boyfriend is a candy FIEND. One time,  he bought a family size box of  fruit snacks and demolished them in a matter of days. I have a sweet tooth also – but I prefer to believe I’m more sophisticated. You know, with my stash of Halloween size Kit-Kat bars. I imagine Eartha Kitt also laid in a pile of her own laundry, thumbing through Instagram and polishing off a post-holiday discounted sack of chocolate decorated with bats and ghosts. Glamour.

Meandering through CVS on a cold Sunday, we decided to combat the seasonal affective disorder blues with some vitamin D. Houston reached for a bottle of gummy Men’s Multi-Vitamins.

I’m a firm believer that something has to be serious looking in order for it to be effective, so I’m fairly certain I gave him a little bit of shit for buying candy vitamins.

Eventually, after seeing that MOST vitamins came in gummy form, I decided to try a few on my own.

I got some Hair/Skin/Nails, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and then I saw this little number.

Olly Vibrant Skin Gummies


Immediately intrigued by the water drop ( water is moist, my skin is dry, this must moisten my skin! I CAN READ HIEROGLYPHICS!) I decided to buy the Olly Vibrant Skin vitamins and give them a whirl.

The packaging looked sleek, futuristic and bizarrely child-ish. Sort of like the female romantic lead in Wall-E. I feel a robot could fall in love with this bottle.  I certainly did.

Because morning vitamin taking now feels like trick-or-treating, I took a lot of pleasure in devouring these little dudes.


The blueberry and pomegranate blend makes the taste a little more “adult” than your average cherry/orange/lemon/sugar bear flavor. Maybe I’ve eaten 3 instead of the prescribed 2.

Why it Works: 

The three main components of this treat are Hyaluronic acid, Marine collagen and Sea Buckthorn.

Hyaluronic Acid: A molecule – when ingested- helps hydrate your skin from within. If you own any skincare products that promise to “plump” your skin, this ingredient may be the reason why.

Marine Collagen: Collagen is KING of 2018 right now. From beauty blogs, to magazines. I keep seeing this powerful ingredient pop up everywhere. It’s a naturally occurring protein (sometimes found in cows, in this case fishies – more bluntly, it’s a protein taken from the scales of fish) that restructures your skin and makes you HOT HOT HOT. Okay, you may want to read some more about this powerful ingredient. Probably because I describe it like a child. I’ve been trying a TON of collagen products lately and will be excited to share more with you.

Sea Buckthorn: Do you feel like you’re drinking a tropical cocktail yet? All these ingredients are starting to read like a seaside skin treatment you might take on a fancy vacay. Oddly enough, this item is NOT A SEA VEGETABLE  (yeah, I just heard a record scratch on the Little Mermaid soundtrack I had been soundlessly mouthing during the writing of this blog entry). Sea Buckthorn is a SUPERFOOD that contains a v difficult to find and therefore eat  omega-7 essential fatty acid that FIRMS AND LIFTS YOUR SKIN LIKE A FRIGGIN’ SQUAT. YES THIS FRUIT IS LIKE A SQUAT FOR YOUR SKIN.


I am presently on my second bottle of this item, and it now lives in my purse. I like it better than any hair/skin/nail combo vitamin I’ve ever used. I have shrieked with delight in the mirror after noticing it’s effects. If you’re on a skincare journey – as I am this shit is like, SO important to include.

You can get it at Target, you can get it on Amazon. This is the first item in my skincare series and in my opinion, it’s the most most most EFFECTIVE. That’s why I am giving it to you FIRST so by the time I’m done blogging about all my MOIST ADVENTURES (if you’re afraid of the word moist, I’m embarrassed for you and can only hypothesize that your skin is a desert wasteland)  you will have NOTICED THE CRAYMAZING EFFECTS of this vitamin.





Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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