Thoughts on Authenticity followed by a humble OOTD and why I’m now down to clown with Nordstrom


How I realized I’m kind of neurotic snob and also need to shop at Nordstrom more often. Also, this post isn’t sponsored by Nordstrom, I just never shop there, and I tried it, and I think I kinda like it. More to come. 

Fake it ’til You Make It

Thumbing through instagram, with a mouthful of gluten-free lasagna – I stopped on a post from a new friend that looked really, well – influencer-y. Excited to see that another acquaintance had joined me in this weird online world of sharing and curating, I read the caption of her post only to be met with disappointment. But then happiness… but then ennui? But also again, yeah, happiness. Okay, let me explain.

She was doing that “I’m acting like an influencer but it’s totally a joke” thing that a lot of us (myself included) did when we first started. I’m not trying to pass judgement or ridicule her for this. It makes sense! Being passionate and excited about things and being compensated for that feels totally nuts sometimes. And starting out when you don’t have any big brand deals, a wardrobe of coveted labels or even a full length selfie-ready mirror feels pretty dang dorky. I started this whole influencer/blogger/instagram ho journey about a year ago with a joke post.

I’ll do this thing I want to do, but it’ll be with a wink and a smile. No one can get me now!

Admittedly, I was sort of pissed looking at this girl’s faux influencer page. Her fake ad campaign for a mundane home essential, her perfectly edited OOTD bemoaning the difficult work it takes to be an influencer (presumably, she doesn’t feel it actually is hard)  etc. etc.


This was my first “ootd” post. I made fun of influencers and wrote about metaphysical forces bringing me brand deals. Neat bangs, though!

Why Did I Care?

Because I thought it said something about me… and the effort I’ve put forward into this wild world of creative briefs, free clothes, and constant comparison.

On YouTube there’s a bit of an uproar about authenticity. I’m seeing a ton of thumbnails of forlorn looking beauty influencers with downcast glances underneath titles like “Speaking My Truth”.  I watched one of these and was like, “chill out, dude”.

Cut to – me unable to take my own advice.

Today I thought a lot about money. Wondering if I could be an adequate partner to my sexaaaay boyf  and if I could feasibly turn this passion into a developing career with decent longevity.

I looked at photos of other people who do this professionally and wondered “What’s their secret? What is she doing that I’m not?” and considered visiting self-help books detailing ambitious morning routines to make me – couch potato extraordinaire – into an overnight success.

And then it occurred to me: fuckin’ write about it, dummy.

While wearing the title of “BLOGGER” with a ton of glee, I very rarely blog. I feel like I don’t ever have enough to say and I’m not curated enough, and also that my blog is v fugly.

So here’s me, taking the first step to leave behind countless hours of self-demonization and showing you what I got: and that’s opinions about clothes my dudes.img_9453-1

Nordstrom or Nada?

This is an entire outfit from Nordstrom. I am notorious for dragging Nordstrom every time I visit the Dallas Northpark location. Why?  ‘Cause its FUG. I don’t know who the Dallas plus size demographic truly is, but by Nordie Northpark’s POV – she’s a blind geriatric with zero optimism. This outfit is truly an outpouring of polish from your’s truly. I am a little more edgy/quirky/cool (see the bangs from the photo from earlier on in this post) than the Dallas dress code dictates so I decided to buckle up and take a ride into Uptown Girl glam. You know what? I dig it!


How do I know I love this outfit? Oh, easy! I made fun of it.  Check it – we’re going FULL CIRCLE BABY! I make fun of women who dress like this because I’m afraid I’m not rich enough, cute enough, polished enough, well mannered enough, able-to-walk-in-heels enough, WHATEVER. So, as I slipped into these patchwork jeans, and paired them with nude colored heels (wide fit, can you believe it?) and a pretty plain but decidedly comfortable and EXPENSIVE FEELING blue sweater  I rambled about taking the kids to soccer practice. And honestly, as a graduate of multiple improv and sketch programs, I definitely know I could have done more nuanced character work. I took the tags off all these fancy schmancy Nordstrom purchases, and I am gonna actually wear them throughout the fall! YES YOU READ RIGHT, I DIDN’T DON THIS OUTFIT TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK OFF YOU, SILLY CONSUMER!!! I ACTUALLY LOVE IT!!!!!

Final Thoughts:

  • Do things you want to do with abandon. Who cares what you look like?
  • If you have to utilize humor to mask your fear, eh well, that’s an alright coping mechanism and it can usually make you a few friends.
  • Nordstrom makes tight stuff.
  • I am not a mom but I am into dressing like one.
  • The bag in the photo is also from Nordie’s. Here’s a linkypoo


I love you,




Rosey Blair
Rosey Blair

Plus size style junkie and advocate for size inclusivity in the fashion industry. Lusting after Gucci and Prada bags. Taking pictures everyday. Trying to cultivate good skincare habits. Planning the next stamp in my passport. Creating a cozy home with lots of treats and treasures.

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  1. Tina Romero
    September 15, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    You are hilarious and full of down to earth wacky insight! Thanks!

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