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Spring Plus Size Style Tips | Spring Fashion Ideas for Curvy Women

Spring is an underrated fashion season for a lot of style opportunities. Especially if you –like me– live in a part of the U.S. where the weather can’t makeup it’s damn mind. In Texas, we’ve already had an 80 degree afternoon and also a couple of chances of snow. Also? There’s definitely a permanent rain puddle in front of my driveway. Grossssss. So OVER IT. 

So while there’s always a jacket in my backseat – I’m determined to move from the dark winter moodiness into some sunnier vibes. And here’s how I do it.

1.Bright Sunny Color!

Plus Size Spring Style | Plus Size Maxi Dress Ideas

So yeah – COLOR . duh. Groundbreaking. But seriously! The very first step in pulling yourself out of the dingy dark moodiness of January and February is beating nature to the punch when it comes to color. I am digging on yellow’s confident vibes lately. Basically – if the sun isn’t out – you can be. I dig yellow in a big statement-y kind of way. And maxi dresses are my favorite style of  dress for spring AND SUMMER – so why not introduce the dress a little earlier in the season? I’ll definitely be keeping this frock around when it’s beach bag and flip flops time.

2. Tees With A Twist

torrid plus size

Come summertime t-shirts are gonna be part of the daily rotation for me. Moving from embellished holiday EVERYTHING to basic tees can feel a little jarring, so I like to soothe the move with a little bit of embroidery. Cool thing about embroidery is that it somehow feels timeless and fresh at the same time. And from the look of it – I’m still stuck in February with this embroidered “love” tee.

3. Be The Change You Want To See In The Weather

Plus Size Spring Fashion | Curvy Style for Spring

Here’s the thing, yeah I know – spring means flowers right? Absolutely it does! Break out those prints and be bold! Personally, when it comes to plant life prints I’m ferns over flowers. They feel a little bit more modern and really transition into summer well. This skirt from Eloquii feels especially in style  and modern with it’s black and white depiction of plant life against a saturated orange background.

4. The Early Bird …

Plus size bikini modcloth

The Early Bird gets the cutest suit. Truth.  Tons of retailers come out with swimsuit styles much earlier than you’re ready for them. Just because there’s still some frost on the windows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get an edge on the shopping competition and grab your suit early. PLUS – for those of you who are trying bikinis for the first time this year (hell yeah! I personally believe anyone can rock this style! ) you can spend the next three months strutting your stuff around the house getting ready for the beach. DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE LOOKS. Every year I put it off until the last minute and every year I’m totally bummed about what I missed out on in spring!

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for warmer temperatures – but I’ll also enjoy the cool breeze of spring. And getting a yellow halter top pinup style bathing suit before every else buys them all!!


Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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