Selkie Puff Dress – Plus Size Review

plus size Selkie dress

The Selkie Puff Dress for Plus Sizes

I had seen the Selkie puff dress (USE MY CODE ROSEY at checkout for a discount) for quite sometime on social media before I decided to purchase one for myself. I seriously was a little afraid of the short hemline. Cut to December 2021 – Selkie launched an adorable holiday collection and I saw the perfect midi length version of their adorable Puff dress. I am obsessed with holiday outfits – especially over the top holiday outfits – and knew it was my moment to finally try the Selkie dress – but how would it look on my plus size body?  I am a plus size instagram influencer, so I’m lucky enough to be able to try things out for work and mix a little business with pleasure. I ordered my Selkie dress and selected the size 5X which corresponds to a size 22. I typically take a size 24/26 in garments lately, so this was definitely a risk. I have a smaller bust size, I typically wear a C cup and have fairly narrow shoulders so I  was okay with taking the risk. I saw another influencer wear the dress and I feel we are similar in size so I felt extra empowered to try the dress.  I think that the sizing was definitely a little confusing , and I personally don’t like to keep track of my measurements as I find that somewhat triggering, so I definitely try on most stuff to gauge how I feel about it rather than rely on sizing charts. If I had to critique Selkie, I would definitely suggest that they change their size range to reflect the commonalities of plus size numerical sizing at other retailers. I truly cannot think of many places where a size 5X = plus size 22.

selkie puff dress for plus sizes

The dress arrived more quickly than I expected, especially with all the shipping delays of the holidays and the current world events. The dress is truly abundant! It’s floofy  and diaphanous and just breathtaking. I slipped it over my head and honestly – it was a perfect fit. I even felt comfortable to go braless in it as the top part of the dress is quite supportive. I love how floofy the skirt is. It nips in at the highest point of my waist just under my bustline (which for me is my most narrow part) — so if you, like me, have a big belly, this is an awesome dress for you! I loved the dress so much I ordered another one through Anthropologie (this time getting the shorter hemline version – I felt more comfortable ordering through Anthro as I am super familiar with their return policy and can always return in person if it doesn’t work out) to wear for Valentine’s day.  I can’t wait to show it to you! I would however suggest shopping on the Selkie website. It seems like other retailers get limited size runs of Selkie dresses and honestly there is a ton more variety on the website. I am unfamiliar with their return policies as I don’t plan on returning this beautiful dress but I am sure they are wonderful!

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