OOTD: 8/25/2020

Fall living room decor

I Pay Rent So I Choose The Seasons

Just had my first Pumpkin Starbucks drink of the season and now I am officially hooked on all things fall. Houston and I decorated the living room and even took the time to wrap some fall leaves around our new television set

(Stay tuned for a long TV review – I’ve definitely received many questions about it and can’t wait to answer).

With the advent of quarantine, I’ve decided to live by one simple rule: I decide the seasons in my own home. Right now its a cool 68 degrees and I’m enjoying the sweater weather of my living room.

In This Photo

Cardigan (same cardigan as the photo, but the rust/orane color is gone)

Cardigan (not the same but similar color)

Graphic Tee “The Runaways”

Jeans (I’m wearing a 37, and a zipper fly. the link is the same exact cut but with a button fly)



Television Set

Television Stand 


Amber bottle 



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