Madewell Gift Guide + Black Friday

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Madewell is  30% off for Black Friday. I feel like this is an easy spot for you to treat yourself AND the ones you love! There are classic pieces here for women of all ages – I think you’ll find out it’s easy to shop here for your mother, yourself and all your gal pals.

Here are my faves!

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the transport tote 

This is one of my essentials. This classic leather tote is probably what made me fall in love with Madewell to begin with. Long before they extended into plus sizes, they had amazing accessories to look at. I loved this tote since the moment I got it and consider it an everyday fave. it also works as a true cross body bag for plus sizes!

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embroidered glasses case 

Madewell switches out cute designs for their awesome glasses cases every season. I love gifting these to my bespectacled besties. so easy and also great for sunglasses and readers!

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dainty jewelry 

I wear Madewell jewelry on the daily. I buy these cute stacks of necklaces and wear one at a time or double them up. i get asked about my jewelry quite often and madewell pieces are the only ones i buy routinely. such a good time to stock up and an easy win for just about anyone on your list!

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roadtripper denim

the comfiest denim known to man. super stretchy – you won’t need to unbutton your top button at any of your holiday parties/meals! they come in a ton of different washes but i’m a sucker for these pember washes – the perfect dark blue!

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double breasted blazer 

this blazer has been SUCH a hit this year and continues to dominate the madewell site. they originally stocked it in august/september but have recently restocked. i own it and LOVE it.

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fair isle socks 

you all know I love fair isle sweaters more than anything! but i also can’t resist some fair isle socks! these are good for all family members and yourself too!

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colorful bandanas 

another accessory I purchased before I shopped for apparel at Madewell. I love how there are so many different colors for each outfit!

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let me grow print

I didn’t know until  very recently that Madewell had home goods but now that I do – I’m definitely grabbing some. Get this Let Me Grow print for the plant lady in your life!

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madewell has an incredible selection of cashmere but i love this one in a tomboyish stripe. sooo cute. and so cozy. cashmere is usually expensive so getting it at 30% discount right now is SUCH a steal.


floral wrap dress

my fave dress of the year – and its still available! im wearing a 3X and i love it! it’s soooo cute and fits like a dream!



If you’re looking for even MORE Madewell plus size items – check out my video here!


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