Black Friday at Torrid


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  1. Torrid Pajamas
  2. Torrid Wide-Calf Boots and Extra Wide-Calf boots 
  3. Torrid High-Waist Panties
  4. Torrid Knee High Socks 
  5. Torrid Push Up Plunge Bra 
  6. Torrid Fleece lined Premium Leggings
  7. Torrid Plaid Set 
  8. Torrid Teddy Coat
  9. Torrid Ugly Christmas Sweater
  10. Torrid Sky High Skinny Jeans

Torrid is doing 50% off everything this year for Black Friday – so I thought I would choose ten of my fave things to make it a little easier on ya!

Torrid Pajamas


Torrid has amazing amazing amazing pajamas.Y’all have already seen me in some of my fave Torrid pajamas, and the ones available right now are also so cute. And at 50% off you can snag a few pairs .

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High Waisted Panties 

My fave panties are Torrid’s high waisted variety. I own countless pairs of these little babies and they’re beyond supportive and soooo cute. They’re always kinda expensive so this is the best time to grab ’em.

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Torrid Wide Calf and Extra Wide Calf Boots

I have very wide calves. I am thankful that Torrid sizes up their boot collection to accommodate extra wide calves!  The selection is also amaaaazing and they have booties too.

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Torrid Knee High Socks

RED ALERT. I get asked about a pair of Torrid knee high socks I got a few years ago and I haven’t seen them until today!!!! These will not stick around for long so I seriously suggest grabbing em!


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Torrid Push Up Plunge Bra 

My favorite bra ever – I mean ever ever, the Torrid push up plunge, is currently 50% off and they even have a bright red christmas plaid!

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Torrid Premium Fleece Lined Leggings

I feel like I don’t even need to explain this one. But these puppies sell out! The easiest outfit starter and sooooo cozy.

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 5.02.12 PM

Torrid Plaid Set 

umm… I just thought this was cute… and it totally reminds me of something Cher would wear in Clueless

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 4.54.07 PM

Torrid Teddy Coat

Pink… furry…. WARM. I DIED when I saw this and know you will too!

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 5.00.46 PM

Torrid Ugly Christmas Sweater 

An ugly Christmas sweater but with Torrid’s famous and fabulous fit? LOVE IT.


Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 5.03.45 PM

Torrid Sky High Skinnies 

Easily my favorite denim from Torrid -cozy and high waisted. This is the best time to get your denim for the year!!


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Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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