Plus Size Fair Isle Sweaters


Hello NOVEMBER! I can’t believe how quickly we whipped through October y’all. (If you don’t want to read my fabulous rant about plus size fair isle sweaters and why they’re great – go ahead and scroll to the bottom for all my fabulous finds!) We got our homes nice and cozy, went on some fabulous dates, and started getting our cold-weather wardrobes finalized.  And now it’s on to the best time of year!!! The chilliest, cheeriest, distant- relativiest season we all know and love – Thanksgiving. What? You thought I was gonna say Christmas? Well, I guess it kinda counts.  Thanksgiving sort of bleeds into the holidays pretty undetected these days. It’s probably the fact that at midnight on November 1st, “Here Comes Santa Clause” starts to warble. Oh wow, I should totally make a Thanksgiving playlist, shouldn’t I? The songs are hard to come by – but they’re out there! 

Plus Size Fair Isle Sweaters

Okay, so we’ve established we like lazy girl outfits. When I say this – I don’t mean like, roll out of bed with gum in our hair or whatever (please don’t chew gum and fall asleep, I’ve done this, it’s not good).  “Lazy Girl Outfits”  means making smart outfitting decisions that pull a look together faster. Less pieces = lazy = our minds don’t have to work as hard. LOVE it. 

Fair Isle Sweaters are one of my favorite pieces to add to any cold weather wardrobe. For one, they’re cheerful. Personally, I’ve never seen anyone wearing a fair isle sweater commit a heinous crime, yell at someone in traffic or bah-humbug in a corner. I’m certain it’s impossible to be grouchy when wearing something as whimsical as a fair isle sweater.


You know something is good if it’s about to celebrate it’s 100 YEAR anniversary of being popular. Yup, fair isle sweaters became popular in the 1920s when the Prince of Wales began sporting them regularly. If it’s okay for royalty, it’s okay for me.

PLUS SIZE fAIR isle sweaters (2)

For me, the best reason to wear a fair isle sweater, besides looking classic and cheery, is the “NO ACCESSORIES NEEDED” vibe they provide.  Want to look downright charming at Thanksgiving? Grab your favorite denim, top with a fair isle sweater and maybe grab a coat if weather dictates. Wow, yes – it could be that easy. Often times, fair isle sweaters make you look like you’re wearing a fabulous statement necklace. In fact, I really wouldn’t suggest wearing a necklace with a fair isle sweater unless of course it’s one of my dainty faves.

And if you get a fair isle sweater dress? Well, you’re made in the shade!!

I also firmly believe that this is one of the rare pieces that isn’t difficult for plus sizes to add into their wardrobe. It’s a friggin pull-over sweater. Add a red lip and top knot – instantly cute and chic!


I’ve collected all my favorite fair isle sweaters below and there is something for different budgets and different sizes – I found a few sizes that extend to 36W – woo hoo!

I can’t wait to know what you think!

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Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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  1. 11.1.19
    Nicole said:

    Which one is the one you are wearing?

    • 11.1.19
      roseyblair said:

      Hey Nicole! I am wearing a sold out sweater from J.CREW. If you like it, I would definitely recommend any of the J.Crew styles!

      • 11.1.19
        Nicole said:

        Thanks! I love yours the best! I will check them out??

    • 11.1.19
      Amber said:

      Ohhh. That’s what i was wondering. I definitely like Rosey’s the best. ?

  2. 11.4.19
    Sabrina said:

    Yayyyyy, this is the most useful post!!! Ive always loved these but was never really sure where to get a hold of them in plus.