Plus Size Sweater Dresses + 20 of my picks!


Plus Size Sweater Dresses

Like, are sweater dresses maybe the greatest invention ever? Yeah. I think so. First of all, they combine two amazing things (sweaters and dresses, catch tf up my friends) and a lot of them can be unbuttoned to reveal all kinds of third piece and duster possibilities! I really think a plus size lady’s wardrobe better work FOR her and not the other way around. All I can say is, I am definitely fan girl a clothing piece that can be worn in more than one way.

You guys know I’m already SO PUMPED about fall fashion, but in Dallas, it’s finally cold enough for me to bring out alllllll my sweater dresses.

Keep reading because I am listing 20+ of my current fave sweater dresses (including the one I’m wearing) below!

When it comes to styling these babies, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Consider topping the sweater dress with a structured blazer, coat, or leather moto jacket. Don’t top them with equally unstructured items. Basically, don’t wear a long line cardigan over your sweater dress.

Honestly, it’s not very hard to style sweater dresses – they’re not weird wild cards like say my other fave fall trend, plaid pants.


Let’s not forget what I like to call “The Secret Laziness Factor”. I shit you not, I seriously went to the grocery store with nothing but a sweater dress and some cute boots. Like no undies, no bra, no nothing – just rolled out of bed, smeared on a lipstick and some sunglasses and wandered out in public like I was the queen of England or something.

If you’re currently shopping for sweater dresses and need some advice  for choosing the right one – go neutral. Yup. Choose a sweater dress in tan, brown, cream, grey or black. You won’t regret it, at all! Also – yes, animal print is a neutral.

Mainly, I belt my sweater dresses. I feel like you guys are ALWAYS wanting to know where the cutest plus size belts are – so I will definitely create a post for like 50 Plus Size belts. You know the drill. Check out my previous post for my all time favorite belt! I know you’ll love it. I wear it with almost everything.

As far as shoes go – I LOVE pairing my sweater dresses with my favorite boots. I have seen a very cool, almost 1970’s vibes style of wearing knee-high or thigh high boots with long dresses and I am here for it!

Above all sweater dresses are versatile and cute and they look fabulous on a plus size figure.

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