My Top Ten Anthropologie Sale Picks

Okay. so I hope we are all familiar with Anthropologie’s plus size line A+ By Anthropologie.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few stores carrying the line, and the fabulousness did not end at the premiere. This weekend, Anthropologie is 25% off the ENTIRE STORE. This is the equivalent of their Black Friday deals! Anthro already has a ton of holiday decor and gifts which routinely sells out early!

I also had the pleasure of stopping by and trying some stuff on for you guys – I made a youtube video documenting my entire fall trip to Anthro. I had a lot of fun filming it – but some of the items I showed have already sold out online, EEK!



So, without further ado, here are my top ten picks for what to purchase during the Anthro fall sale!!

10. Holiday Decor

I love holiday decor at Anthro. This stuff sells out quickly  so be warned! Check out the Advent Calendars – they have advent calendars filled with beauty products, stationary and even candles!  I always get an ornament for my tree from Anthropologie, they always have the cutest little designs. Check out the father/son bunnies fishing!

9. Cozy Clothes 

While there isn’t currently a dedicated plus size loungewear section at Anthropologie, I’ve heard a few rumors that lounge is on its way! Until then, there are a few pieces trickling into the plus size clothing section and they are so good. Why not lounge stylishly in your favorite bespoke Anthro print. You’ll always feel fabulous, even when you’re heating up chicken-noodle  soup for that (assuredly) oncoming winter cold.


8. Candles

Anthropologie RARELY has full store sales that cover their fabulous selection of wax. And with good cause. Most of their wax is non-toxic, hand poured and from small makers around the world. The scent throws beautifully and lasts a significant amount of time. I always try to have an Anthro approved candle burning in my home because I save SO much money not going to bath and body works every weekend (though, don’t get me wrong, I am a bath and body works nut, haha!). I highly recommend grabbing one of the Capri Blue holiday scents before they sell out! (and they will!)


7. Holiday Dresses 

Before you say – ROSEY, it’s OCTOBER! I need to remind you that this sale is a Black Friday level sale! Annnnd that Thanksgiving comes before Black Friday annnnnd a lot of these amazing dresses will be sold through by then. There, you happy? I have mentioned it before on other posts, but I firmly believe you should try a Byron Lars dress. They fit so many women’s curves SO well and are stunning occasion dresses. Whether you’re going to a cool weather wedding, or a formal family gathering – the Byron Lars dress has your back!

6. Gifts! 

Say it with me – MONOGRAM, MONOGRAM, MONOGRAM! One of Anthropologie’s expertly executed gifting styles – in my humble opinion- is slapping the initial of our loved ones on their myriad giftables. What pair of newlyweds doesn’t want a set of coasters with their new shared last name initial? What new-agey yoga bff doesn’t want her zodiac symbol on an elegant pendant to hang by her nose during downward dog? I don’t know! What I do know is – I’m a Cancer sun with an Aries Moon and Cancer Rising and yes I would like gifts to represent all of these aspects of me!


5. Furniture

Anthropologie makes stunning furniture. They’ve even launched in-store home decor centers with home stylists ready to help you decorate the home of your dreams. It’s not a secret that these beautiful works of art cost a pretty penny – so a 25% off sale can make a SIGNIFICANT impact on the price point. I personally have my eye on a beautiful full length floor mirror (EVERY blogger has to have one, or that’s at least what I tell my boyfriend). When you wake up in your beautiful Anthropologie four poster bed on Christmas morning, please send me a DM and thank me, I will live through your splendor vicariously!

4. Cold Weather Basics

Girl,  did you think you were going to escape this post without me advocating for Anthro’s beautiful array of basics?! Um jokes on you!!! I’m always gonna do it. I recently fell in love with their Levi’s Wedgie Fit denim – high-waisted, stretchy, true to size, booty loving jeans — WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? . May I recommend ANY Pilcro denim annnnd any thermal top from Anthro? They’re the best and oh-so chic. Sure, I go to Anthro for unique and special showstopper pieces, but there’s something about owning even elegantly made simple pieces that I just love.

ALSO there are FREE RETURNS with any plus size items?!!?!?! YES YES YES!!!


3. Bedding

Nobody and I mean nobody does bedding like Anthropologie. I still proudly tell my all my girlfriends about how I SCORED a complete sham, pillowcase and sheet set from the Anthropologie sale room for $25. UNHEARD of. While I would definitely advocate digging through the sale room for bedding over the online selection (sometimes certain pieces can get left in the sale room for over 6 months and their price PLUMMETS while the integrity of the product remains absolutely beautiful) grabbing some discounted NEW and seasonally relevant bedding is a MAJOR win in my book. Take a look at that beautiful green velvet bedding. Hellooooo snuggletown.


2. Cookbooks 

HAHAHA! Betcha didn’t see this one coming! And I know you’re thinking, ROSEY WTF WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND COOKBOOKS? Because as I am sitting on my sofa writing this, I have a perfect view of my beautifully curated Anthropologie cookbook shelf. There’s just something about their selection of cookbooks that’s just amazing. I’ve made Thanksgiving side dishes, beautiful meals for my partner and special meals for just me using my Anthropologie cookbooks over the years. When I worked at Anthropologie and had no customers in the fitting room on slow afternoons, I would always walkie-talkie one of my associates to bring a cookbook to me in the fitting room. The photos are beautiful and inspirational. They look great on a shelf. They make great freaking gifts. I know we live in a digital age where recipes are free … but theres something special about a cookbook that I just love. This may be a weird number 2 but y’all… I feel SO passionately about my cookbooks. I love them! And I know you will too!

1. Coats, Jackets, Hats and Scarves!

Of COURSE this is my number one. Ever since Anthropologie came out with plus size clothing earlier this spring, I was DREAMING about their elegant coat offerings to come. Now they’re here and I am not disappointed in the slightest!! I know you’re gonna be able to find something simply beautiful. And while you’re at it why not style them with a gorgeous hat or scarf! I am so excited about bundling up in one of these – particularly that red plaid sweater coat!!!



Welp, thank you guys for reading this top ten list. I hope you find something you love during this massive sale! Trust me, don’t wait for Black Friday – get it while its hot, er, cold, uh… you get it!


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