How to Wear Plaid Pants for Plus Sizes

How to Wear Plaid Pants for Plus Sizes


A trend I am super excited to be seeing everywhere is plaid pants. From content creators thrifting them at Goodwill  to the pages of major fashion magazines everyone is going mad for plaid. A former catholic school girl myself, I have almost nightmarish reminders of being a plus size girl in plaid, and being aware that it wasn’t a “flattering choice” for my figure (according to outmoded fashion “rules”).  Cramming a lot of straight lines on a very round body felt misguided. I was a little hesitant to participate in the plaid pants trend this year.

However, there are a TON of plus size retailers carrying plaid pants right now. And after peeping a few photos of women styled in these looks, I definitely got the confidence to try plaid pants for myself.  With a few styling secrets, I was ready to rock them — with basically any top ever!

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I believe that plaid pants are SO versatile that I want to show you all the places and ways you can wear them! Get creative – they’re wonderful because I think they’re as casual as they are formal. You can wear your plaid pants to the office with a fabulous blouse or wear your plaid pants to the grocery store with your fave old t-shirt and some chunky sneakers. The creativity is up to you – but here are some of my fave ways to style them!

Plaid Pants for Plus Sizes – At the Office 


Plaid pants in a formal setting is SO obvious so I think I’ll start there. I really love layering sweaters over bow-tie blouses for a super cute effect.  This particular pair of pants is cropped so they look amazing with some taller booties! Feel free to style this look with just the sweater for a cute fall outing. And speaking of fall – I love this whole look for Thanksgiving dinner with the family or any other more formal event!

Plaid Pants | Blouse | Sweater | Bag | Boots | Headband | Fragrance | Eyeshadow Palette


Plaid Pants for Plus Sizes – Date Night 


collage date night

Plaid pants on a date night? YOU BETCHA! I love going a little more upscale here and grabbing some from one of my fave elevated plus size retailers like Lane Bryant or Nordstrom. Nordstrom may be my preference ’cause I can shop for the whooooole look (including makeup!).  The fragrance I’ve included is one of my boyfriend’s faves and always makes me feel a little more special and put together! If you’re afraid of the shape of plaid pants, may I suggest a longer third piece? I love making my top half more seamless to my bottom half with a long line cardigan.

Plaid Pants | Tank top | Jacket | Bag | Heels | Earrings | Fragrance | Lipstick 


Plaid Pants for Plus Sizes – Casual Vibes


Plaid Pants | T-shirt | Bag | Hat | Boots | Belt | Fragrance | Bracelet |Necklace |Eyeshadow Palette 

Okay this outfit is a *little* intensely accessorized … but take it down to something nmore simple and you have the outfit I was wearing at the top of this post! I love these pants with a black tee. But the black graphic tee is fun! And is it just me or do the edgy accessories give anyone Torrid throwback to the mid 2000s feels? I’m kind of here for it. Very little J from Gossip Girl. Also my advice? GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND TUCK IN THIS TEE! You’ll look amazing!

Where to Shop for Plus Size Plaid Pants

Below I’ve grouped a ton of other plus size plaid pants options I’m loving right now. There are different price points and patterns to make everyone smile. Let me know which ones you like best annnnd always feel free to DM me on insta (@roseybeeme) with an outfit pic showcasing your plaid pants!





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