Fall Freakin’ Decor

Let’s cut to the chase. I live on a retail calendar, not a weather calendar. So therefore, it’s fall. Heck, it’s almost Halloween. By the retail calendar, Halloween is fricken tomorrow.


Today I went to Anthropologie because I basically live there. I saw these adorable decor items and thought – gee, it’s high time I go shopping for fall decor. So I did.


I stocked up on candles, fun pieces for the kitchen, a cute mug or two. I even got a garland of fall colored pom-poms. I’m ready.

If that weren’t enough I definitely went home and shopped online for more fall decor. I maybe masochistic (it’s 100 degrees outside in Texas) but I am nothing if not a decent planner.


Without further ado — cute fall shit I am loving. Voila.



And don’t worry – this is JUST the beginning of fall stuff I love – stay tuned!


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Rosey Blair
Rosey Blair

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