Pre-Fall Stuff I’m Obsessed With


It’s August 2nd. I am one of those girls who seriously forgets about August’s existence. As far as I’m concerned, August is one big month of fall planning. This year I want to outdo myself. I want to cook ALL the fall things (I spent the day wandering around Williams-Sonoma yesterday and I already found some fall baking things I’m obsessed with. Maybe I should try my hand at some recipe-making for this blog!

Today I thought I’d take a gander at my favorite plus size apparel shops and see what they had in for pre-fall (or honestly just fall). I was not disappointed. I am so excited to drink a pumpkin spice latter (I’m sipping on apple ? cider tea presently so I’m basically already there with autumn ? ? drinks).


Below are my favorite pre-fall new arrivals! I hope you see something you like!


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