Where to shop for Boho Home Decor

I’ve touched on my favorite places to shop for boho plus size clothing… but now let’s complete the picture. Let’s talk about where to shop for Boho home decor. There are some obvious choices (and don’t worry, I will definitely discuss those here). But there are also some great (and let me say this, LOW COST) unexpected places to shop for boho home decor.


Wal-Mart | Boho Home Decor 

Yeah, I know. I am totally surprised! Recently, Drew Barrymore launched an incredible line of boho home pieces that wouldn’t look out of place at a much higher end store. With everything from dinnerware to bedroom linens, Drew has you covered. Let’s hope she comes out with a boho clothing line for Wal-Mart as well! They have awesome overnight delivery options on selected items, and also offer convenient in-store pick up.

Tip: Check out the adorable boho dog bed!

Anthropologie| Boho Home Decor 

Oh hello captain OBVIOUS! Yes, it’s not any kind of secret whatsoever that Anthropologie is probably THE PLACE TO FIND BOHO HOME DECOR. From home fragrance to bedding to fabulous coffee table and cook books, Anthro has you covered.

Tip: Mix and match! I feel like all this stuff goes together really well!

Wayfair | Boho Home Decor 

Wayfair has AMAZING deals and incredible price-points – especially on furniture. So stock up on your light fixtures, side tables, rugs and curtains here!  Be warned you can spend a ton of time here so make sure you keep checking on your favorite boho home decor  items – they may change prices!

Urban Outfitters | Boho Home Decor 

Another obvious choice – but honestly I’ve been seeing more and more upscale home decor items. I’ve seen beautiful pieces of boho furniture, dinnerware and small decor items like jewelry holders. This isn’t dorm decor baby.

Amazon | Boho Home Decor 

I love home decor that could potentially come with a pack of false lashes and a bottle of ranch dressing. Lol, I kid. But seriously, you could definitely order all of those things when you pick up some cute macrame wall hangings!

Target | Boho Home Decor 

Did everyone lose their minds when Target introduced Opalhouse – their FULL LINE of beautiful upscale looking boho and mid-century modern decor? Every time I got to Target I stop and check out the Opalhouse decor section and it’s legit amazing and so so hard to keep money in my wallet. I have been slowly decorating my bathroom with all Opalhouse items and …its adorable. Big fan out here! Especially if you’re tryna boho on a budget – check out their clearance items both online and in store! You’re sure to find some gems!


Hope you enjoyed my little list of Boho home decor resources! I definitely am focused on creating a fun, eclectic home and have utilized all these places at least once. I hope you find some items you love!


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