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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a huge deal. Like, turn on your computer or smartphone and you see hundreds of thin blonde women happily sharing their latest #NSALE hauls. But what about plus size customers? Do they exist? Does the Nordstrom Anniversary sale even accommodate plus size people?  Yeah, they do. And the selection is amazing. You’ll be able to get bananas discounts on the fall season’s most anticipated styles and trends.

If you’ve shopped the plus size section at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale successfully before, go ahead and scroll down to my faves. If this is your first time exploring the sale, keep reading!!

I am preparing for quite the exciting time (well, kinda not really ) but I’ll be excited. It’s that time of year (basically after July 6th – my birthday,  until the first crisp leaf falls from a tree full of fiery foliage) where I spend every waking moment anticipating fall. Once the festivities of July 4th and my birthday are over – I basically start wearing autumnally hued outfits and blast my favorite cozy playlists , put cinnamon in everything and WISH it was fall until it actually is.

Some of my favorite Nordstrom fall brand offerings from years’ past.

Good thing Nordy’s has my fall obsession covered. If you’ve never shopped the Anniversary Sale before (I get it, for years I thought I was automatically left out because I’m plus size ) you’re in for a treat. All the items in the sale are FALL ITEMS – brand new fall items that are released early for a discount. Now how does that sound? Pretty dang legit. 

HOWEVER. While I love love love fall – I think this sale is best used to stock up on more evergreen items that will last you throughout the seasons – think lingerie, denim, basics, home items and pajamas.

There are a few things you need to know before going in blind to the chaotic fun that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  so I made this handy dandy little graphic with my fave tips for how to shop it as a newcomer – especially if you’re shopping in person!


Feel free to screenshot this cheat sheet! This will keep you on the path to practicality during this sale (and it’s HARD to be practical with so many cute items discounted so much!

One of my biggest takeaways looking for plus size clothing at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this – do not keep to only the plus size section and expect to find all your clothes there. There is tons of plus size clothing hiding all throughout the store. I found plus size outfits in the junior department, the pajama department and under specific brands like Madewell and Good American. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours shopping at Nordstrom – OR, be like me and shop online!

I also took some time to film a Youtube video trying on some of my fave items – and I think you’ll really enjoy it!

My Plus Size Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must-Have Items

Below, I have gathered what I consider to be ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL items from the #nsale. I have narrowed my selections to the following categories

This is such a wonderful time to find clothes for the men in your life too. If you’d like – I would love to follow up with a men’s guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But, idk. I feel like us plus size gals deserve the first round of exploration!

Plus Size Lingerie, Lounge and Foundation Garments | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The plus size section of the lingerie department at Nordstrom is poppin’. I recently had a fitting there with a rep from Elomi  and had a fabulous time to explore all the great bra fits available. I’ve collected some of my favorite items from the lingerie department and hope you truly enjoy them. My favorite item? The Spanx Leather Look Leggings – they do a great job smoothing and enhancing your figure and are SUPER stretchy. If you’re not a Nordstrom cardholder or your size is sold out,  Bloomingdale’s also has these incredible leggings for the same price as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 

Plus Size Active  Wear | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve been making sure to get tons of activity in this year. I couldn’t have done that without some super cute active wear. SO many active brands have expanded sizes to include plus size styles this year. What’s great about purchasing your  active wear during the Anniversary Sale is that the majority of it is seasonless – you can wear it any time of the year! Hell yeah!  BTW these Zella active leggings have a cult following and yeah, they’re INCREDIBLE

Plus Size Outer Wear | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I don’t have to tell you the importance of a good winter coat – but I think I can tell you about the importance of a good moto jacket. Leather jackets come in SO handy during the fall and winter. Truly – they’re my favorite and most versatile kind of outer wear. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has allll kinds of cold weather outer wear from parkas, to fashion coats, to denim jackets. This *miiiight* be the biggest bang for your buck during the entireeee season.

Plus Size Fall Apparel | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hello this is the FUN STUFF. Cozy sweaters! Comfy ponchos! Scarves! Corduroy! Leather totes! Sqaush colors!  Yeah mama! Grab your Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather candle,  clutch your Pumpkin Spice Latte and stream some Hocus Pocus. These items are deadly. Deadly cute that is. And yeah, I may be getting my autumnal kicks a little early this year but SO WHAT. I’M HAPPY!

Plus Size Denim | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Jeans. I don’t feel like I even need to speak to the importance of denim in any person’s wardrobe. But here’s my rant about Nordstrom Plus Size Denim : It’s lit. With premium brands like Madewell, Kut from the Kloth, Eileen Fisher and Good American – you’ll have your choice of the creme de la creme (I didn’t take french but I know that means something’s good). ANNND all these denim brands are MAJORLY DISCOUNTED. Voila!

Plus Size Work Wear | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The last time I checked, every office ever is ABSOLUTELY FRIGID. Luckily, you’ll be able to wear some of these cozy fall styles to your 9-5 immediately. And for my fall obsessed heart, I totally like the sound of that. Plus size work apparel is bonkers expensive most of the time so be sure to stock up on all your business babe faves!

Shoes | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m so glad to see so many brands expanding to wider widths and wider calves styles. The majority of the shoes I have included here are mostly wide styles but there are a few normal ones as well as I know not everyone shops the wide foot style. I spy a few booties I need to get my hands on!

Beauty and Haircare | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m including this here because you might not have known that the beauty deals are AMAAAAAZING during Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Now, you maybe mostly shopping plus size apparel (and I totally get it, it’s a great time to do that!) but you gotta stop by and grab a COUPLE of these amazing beauty and haircare deals!

Home Essentials | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Ah! The last category on the list. I am mainly including it because I love love love candles (expensive candles!) and getting a good deal on them. I’m also obsessed with the magical throw blanket we got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year and NEED to share it with y’all. I’m wrapped up in it as I’m writing this and my boyfriend and I always fight over it.  Nordstrom also stocks ANTHROPOLOGIE CANDLES. So you know I’m happy!!



Phew! We did it! Can you believe it? Do you feel a bit more empowered as a plus size person shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? What did you get this year that you LOVED? What did you splurge on? What do you want to see next year? Leave me a comment!


As always feel free to share this with all your friends, family and plus size people who matter to you!

Happy Hunting!


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