The True Body Bra : Paid Partnership with True and Co.

The True Body Bra: Paid Partnership with True and Co.


We spent time in New Orleans this last month month, and it was incredible. Walking back in time, we strolled into the French Quarter and couldn’t believe how stunning our hotel was. We stayed overnight in the Cornstalk Hotel (look it up, you gotta stay there next time you’re in Louisiana) and had the most luxurious morning. I ventured out onto the hotel balcony to snap some photos – and I truly felt beautiful. Why? I was comfortable.


There’s something special about feeling totally comfortable in your skin and feeling that way everywhere you go – even in a non-familiar location. I’ve taken so many steps to find self-love. From daily affirmations to joyful movement, I’ve wholly trained myself to be in a constant state of self-love. Another non-negotiable part of my self-love routine? Making sure my comfort isn’t compromised by my style. I am partnering with True and Co. to showcase their new True Body Bra . Wireless, supportive, and silky smooth this bra is the best thing about fashion routine.


I’m not kidding when I say I have fallen asleep in this bra. It’s the one support garment I own that doesn’t make me breathe a sigh of relief when I take it off.  Travel can take a huge toll on your body – I think I walked 19k steps on this trip in a single day! Did my back hurt? No. Did I have large red gashes from straps digging into my shoulders? No.  All around – the perfect everyday bra and the perfect bra to take along on a trip.



FTC: I am working with True and Co. in a paid partnership showcase their True Body Bra. I love this product and my opinions on it are as positive as stated above. The links included in this post are affiliate links. I use affiliate links on this blog to fuel the creation of further content. I earn small commissions on everything you purchase through these links. Thank you for your continued support! 


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