How a Spring Wardrobe Refresh Can Help Your Mood.

The official first day of Spring is March 20th. I decided it was spring about two weeks ago. I really thrive on sunshine and blue skies. I’ve seen my shadow, winter is over. I cannot deal with the nastiness of winter greys anymore. Period. The first thing I focus on? Getting some vivid, sunny color back into my wardrobe. Here are the FIRST looks of new season I’ve tackled. And yeah, we’ve had some less than warm temperatures lately here in Dallas but WHO CARES?! I WEAR WHAT I WANT! These outfits have made me feel fabulous and ready for spring (and yeah even summer). I hope they inspire you as well! There are links to all items in their descriptions!


Embrace the Natural 

Adding a touch of a  Boho vibe to  your outfits is one of the easiest ways to translate your need for spring. Filled with natural  materials and floral motifs, Bohemian I saw this ModCloth Dress  and shrieked, literally. I knew it was for me, PERIOD. I was listening to a lot of Stevie Nicks and basically a playlist curated by the staff of Free People, so I styled this look with a ton of boho vibes. I got this adorable western style hat from amazon (it came with the cutest note and pin from the seller) and added a fun bamboo bag  (also from ModCloth). If you want to piece this look together while shopping but don’t want or can’t find the exact pieces I have, here is a small list of the components that make up the look.

Get the Look:

  • Wrap style dress in white with colorful geometric print- I recently read that lighter colors have a higher “vibration” (put you in a better mood) than dark prints. I may even go full force and buy myself a white kaftan and wear it with a giant rose quartz crown. Too much? Maybe.
  • Wide Brimmed Hat- Floppy felt, straw, leather, whatever . You can communicate the bohemian intention of this look with a big ol’ hat so easily. ANNNNND bonus: sun protection. (You still need SPF dudes)
  • Natural Material Bag – Wood, straw, bamboo, leather, a great cotton tote. Keep it simple. I also like to keep all my accessories in the same color family. This look has warm tans/light browns.


Qrossfit Queen

Please excuse the stupid alliteration I made for this outfit. I thought it was fun. Okay, so I feel like workouts and fitness are pushed on us in January but tbh, I’m not ready to leave my house yet. HOWEVER, the easiest way to uplift the blues of winter is to get your booty MOVING. So, let’s get those endorphins flowing and SWEAT. I hope you’ve heard of Girlfriend Collective by now. They make incredibly sustainable, ethical and size inclusive activewear. It’s also so chic and the colors are deliciously on trend. The pants stay up (and come in a variety of styles  including the compressive high rise I’m wearing). The tops are long line and totally supportive. I really enjoy matching my colorful tops to my bottoms, but by all means – create your own color story! The price point is a little high compared to a lot of other brands, but take a look at the values this company upholds and I am sure you’ll feel significantly more confident in your purchase.

Get the Look

  • Simple Shapes + Trendy Hues – Long line leggings and sports bras, meet a color palette found in nature. Deep, saturated jewel tones, and desaturated pastels are definitely trending right now. Make sure your tops and bottoms match!
  • Monochromatic Temperature – When I am not pairing like colors for a monochromatic look, I love to stay within the same temperature family. If I was wearing a deep emerald green workout set, I would opt for cute Tiffany blue sneakers or a mint hoodie.


F*ck Your Comfort Zone

Rebirth honey. Why the heck are you wearing the same black skinny jeans and moto jacket? I get it – you have a “look” but what if you wore something (or a few things) you never ever thought you would wear. I would never have selected this blouse for myself but a girlfriend left it over and I decided to shoot it. I also rarely ever wear yellow pants because there’s that old idiom about fat girls not wearing colored bottoms or something or other (maybe I’ve invented this, who knows). I am SO INTO THESE PANTS! Besides – yellow is the color of happiness. This is also a time to try eccentric and trending accessories. These clear purses are EVERYWHERE right now, and I decided it was time for me to try one (it’s a neutral, so it goes with everything, no matter how crazy my outfit is styled).

Get the Look

  • Have Fun With Pattern and Color – I love that there is a tiny bit of the same marigold color of my pants hidden in this blouse. When I pair them together, you really notice it a lot more! This small link keeps the outfit from looking totally wild.
  •  Follow Your Fear- The mood lifting part of this outfit is that I conquered a few fears in the process. I’m not a huge fan of high neck blouses – and greens/blues aren’t my favorite colors to wear. I ended up loving this look, and honestly, I felt even better in it because it was comprised of items I normally avoid!
  • Go Cheap!- When playing with trend items – especially accessories – this is the best time to save money and enjoy some savings. My personal philosophy when it comes to trends? The item should last for as long as the trend does. There’s nothing worse than wearing an item past it’s expiration date. Although, when the decade inevitably comes back into style, it may be fun to have a couple of authentic items around to help you (or your kids) recreate the look accurately!



Anyways – let your wardrobe guide your mood this spring! I can feel my mood changing for the better!





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