Ditch the Mall: Online After Christmas Sales!

Christmas is like, so over. Time to do what we do best: SPEND THAT CHRISTMAS COIN!


Wait, you’re going to the mall? For After-Christmas sales? STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!

If you’re following me on instagram you probably know I’ve been going bananas on my stories giving y’all ALLLLL the goods on the after-Christmas sales.


I’m looping my blog audience in on the fun – it’s all here baby.

And yeah, I found you a pair of $6 jeans. score. 


(Helpful hint: Some of the extra discounted items don’t show the true price until they hit your cart or you put a discount code in – so keep an eye out!)

And don’t forget to DM me all your cute OOTDS! You know I’m dying to see them!


Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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