Ditch the Mall: Online After Christmas Sales!

Christmas is like, so over. Time to do what we do best: SPEND THAT CHRISTMAS COIN!


Wait, you’re going to the mall? For After-Christmas sales? STOP! STOP RIGHT THERE!

If you’re following me on instagram you probably know I’ve been going bananas on my stories giving y’all ALLLLL the goods on the after-Christmas sales.


I’m looping my blog audience in on the fun – it’s all here baby.

And yeah, I found you a pair of $6 jeans. score. 


(Helpful hint: Some of the extra discounted items don’t show the true price until they hit your cart or you put a discount code in – so keep an eye out!)

And don’t forget to DM me all your cute OOTDS! You know I’m dying to see them!


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