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How to Dress For Autumn When it’s Hot

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Autumn : The Biggest Tease of All

Ah, autumn. The best time of year. Pumpkin spice and caramel apple fills the air, and we’re all laying in bed with lumpy woolen socks clutching a coffee mug full of hazelnut cuddles. Let’s be real: it’s hotter and more humid than a wrestler’s armpit in Texas right now. But it’s SEPTEMBER dudes. As of the 21st, it will officially be autumn.  Like, were we sold a lie as kids? I distinctly remember “back to school cartoons” featuring charming letterman cardigans and leaves briskly dancing across sidewalks. Now okay, I totally get that I’m in Texas and it’s KNOWN for being hot down here but c’mon. The fact that the stores are flooded with cozy sweaters is like, the biggest tease and legit bums me out. It may be possible that Texas is the LAST place to experience Autumn… but I COULD be exaggerating. Maybe.

Three different strangers told me I looked like Snow White and I’m into it.

Over-The-Pants Stuff

Since I can’t wear long corduroy trousers I’m instead opting for a cord mini skirt. Obviously it’s too hot to  wear a fabulous autumnal duster, I’ve layered my look with a cognac colored shirt dress I’ve unbuttoned and layered over a t-shirt. Fall is about accessories accessories accessories and layers – I’m all about adding tiny layered details. My hair bandana, my cinnamon colored backpack (very back to school, no?) and  if it wasn’t 90 degrees I for real would have worn a beanie!

Just the Tips



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