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Denim on Denim for the Plus Size Gal

Plus Size Denim on Denim

Texas Tuxedo

Denim on Denim for the Plus Size Gal

Denim is here to stay. Period. Every season has a new wash, new cut, new shape that keeps this classic fabric current, relevant and fresh.

A look that has always fascinated, intimidated, and seduced me is the Texas Tuxedo.

Okay, yeah. It’s a Canadian Tuxedo.  BUT I’m from Texas.


This look  isn’t exactly anywhere near a formal tuxedo. BUT I’m down with the phrasing. I totally love the casual, monochromatic classic vibe of this look and there’s something sort of rough ‘n tumble about it too.

I think the look is a little bit western, definitely masculine and pretty damn timeless. My aesthetic is feminine, and more “darling” So how do I style my  look to play into the trend but still stay true to myself?

Here are my tips!

Tiny Personal Touches

This denim blouse has a great big bow on it. That great big bow has a vibe that’s SO me. I love feminine, vintage touches with a little bit of whimsical flair. Traditional denim on denim looks usually include chambray button downs (although trendy, definitely not the same delicate vibes I love). I made this denim on denim look more me by making sure it had a very Rosey Touch. (Can I get that trademarked? Haha!).

Keep the Denim Current

Admittedly, I totally have a closet full of black and dark denim. All streamlined and clean, tapered and AAAAAaaaaaaaand of COURSE the current denim trend is  DISTRESSED, LIGHT WASH DENIM. I buckled down and decided to try the trend.

and you know what?

I love it!

It definitely gave my denim on denim look a Cowgirl meets Beach Bunny feel, and as a former Angeleno  – that works for me!

Pop on Some Color – With Accessories

Monochromatic looks are fun, but I love color and breaking things up a bit. I added a cute mint bandana and some nude ballet flats and felt a break in the head to toe blueness of my denim. Voila! more me.


All in all… this isn’t that difficult or dangerous of a look to cop or try for the day…but I for one get stuck in wearing the same outfits over and over again. I GET IT.

I decided to change it up, and I’m stoked I did.




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