2018 :More Media Body Positivity Please

2017 was big. I was bigger than ever before. There were bigger things than me though. Especially when we’re talking about the fashion industry. Chromat had a killer turn at NYFW and featured plus size babes like Jordyn Woods strutting down the runway. Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg launched Premme this summer, and you know I’m a big fan . Project Runway had their most inclusive season yet and showed me the wonder of my new fave goddess, Liris Crosse. I had my complaints about the show – but overall, I love the continued exposure of beautiful size inclusive models.

I am a big numbers girl, and this weekend I was checking out the analytics for most searched for subjects on Pinterest in the last 30 days. Do you know what number 2 was? “Curvy Fashion”.

And not only fashion is changing – but the way we talk about fashion is evolving as well. Bustle is doing away with the word “flattering”. Refinery 29 has an entire section of their website dedicated to women who make up the 67% majority of women who are plus size. The conversation about body positivity is being opened up in new channels as well. May I recommend the excellent She’s All Fat Podcast hosted by the effervescently charming April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn – I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

I can only wonder what 2018 will bring. Will we finally see a plus size Victoria’s Secret model ( we certainly have the chops for it) get her wings? Heck – will Victoria’s Secret even cater to that market? Dietland – based on Sarai Walkers explosive novel -will be hitting the small screen this year on AMC. Enigmatic Joy Nash is in the lead role, and I’m calling it now – she’s gonna be up for an Emmy, Golden Globe or SOMETHING. Christian Siriano, I hope you’re ready to design an amazing gown for this firecracker.

Speaking of Christian, will we see more designers ready to outfit the bevy of curvy women being thrust into the spotlight as media becomes more inclusive?

We can only hope.

All that said – I do feel like 2018 is going to be even more of an important year for plus size women. How can you help? Consume media and put your money where your booty is. (I thought that was clever, not sure if it is, ah well). When Dietland comes out, buy the episodes on iTunes! Buy the book now to prep for the show – it’s great! Pick out a piece from Premme that fits your pocketbook. Buy Lizzo’s music. Support Etsy makers who cater to plus sizes. Take photos of yourself and share them on social media (hashtag in the copy of your caption, not the comment – let’s beat that algorithm baby!). Donate to patreons of your favorite plus size bloggers and YouTubers. BE a blogger or a Youtuber. Be the fat person in your local community who dresses better than everyone else – people will ask you where your clothing comes from. Make media. If you’re reading this on a mobile device – congratulations you have access to a movie studio.

At the beginning of 2017, I thought I was a washed up loser of a person. My acting career was frustrating me (amazing auditions in Los Angeles, but no contracts) and my retail life in the straight size world of Anthropologie was fun but something didn’t feel right. I had been wanting to blog, and pose for photos like a model on Instagram but I didn’t think I belonged in any space that had previously been explored by so many gorgeous, brilliant women. I was wrong. I belong. You belong. Be vocal. Share yourselves! Talk about the things you’re passionate about. You are a relevant, money-making, HUGE demographic.

I’m 100% ready to give my money to the babes that deserve it in 2018. Are you?

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  1. 1.5.18
    Tamara Canup said:

    HELL. YES. You belong!!!!

  2. 1.8.18

    I’m 100% with you on this, this is our year!