PSOOTD: Falling In Love With Eloquii

I’ve been at a strange crossroads lately: I’m feeling older. Maybe not “old” , but definitely more mature. There are things I no longer think are appropriate for me to wear, nor do I particularly care to wear them. Mini dresses, crop tops, chokers, space buns – are they even called space buns still?

Basically, I would love to shop at Forever 21 but like, I can’t. Well – I do. But not for work and certainly not for formal events.

There was a time in college when, if I needed a dress – I would just run to Target and buy the first fit and flare I saw and it would totally work out. I’d go drinking, dancing and end up in a late night diner feeling totally cute.

Now I’m almost 30, I no longer smell like cigarettes and my priorities have changed. I’ll totally still rock a crop top and try out any sort of hairdo (yeah – even those space buns) but it’s more important for me to own functional outfits that work in the office as well as when I’m ready to play. Play is really low-key, actually. I like being in bed by MAX 11PM, and two cocktails makes me ridiculously sloppy.

That’s where Eloquii steps in. Eloquii feels professional without feeling stuffy. She’s modest but she isn’t frumpy. She’s bold, love color and drama – but the only thing dramatic about her is a balloon sleeve – not a fight with her ex in front of her Uber driver.

This entire outfit is from Eloquii – well, the two best pieces anyway. The coat and the sequin pencil skirt. The basic black tank is from Forever 21 (I’m not out of my twenties yet!).



Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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