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Two of my favorite fashion acquisitions this month have been my amazing Raina Culotte Jumpsuit from Premme – a new and distinct plus size fashion brand – and the lusted after Prada Cahier bag with celestial hardware.


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Premme’s Raina jumpsuit in size 2x and the Prada Cahier with celestial hardware.

I first saw the Prada bag on Noelle Downing’s Instagram and shrieked. I have been wanting a beautiful luxury bag for quite sometime, but I wanted to make sure my first was a decent representative of me. Months later, after all seemed lost, the Prada counter  at Neiman Marcus had but one left. Apparently – according to another blogger, Rachel Martino there are very few of them left in the world. She had to get her’s in Paris!  I had the best conversation with the saleswoman and gushed about my love of leather goods. When I was a manager of a vintage store once upon a time, I personally took pleasure in restoring leather handbags to their prime with a little leather cleaning kit. I don’t think this will be my last bag splurge. In fact, it’s giving me something to save for.

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I slept on this jumpsuit when Premme launched their premiere summer collection, but I was up at the crack of dawn to buy it when they released it in black for  their fall collection (the summer variation was cream and orange). Everything about this line is chic. from the packaging (metallic embossed black envelope just for the receipt?) to the responsive and caring customer service team.

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The garments themselves are thoughtful and on-trend but I still feel like a woman and not a 21-year old in them. My entire life, I’ve been made to feel like a “before photo”. Most small-collection, boutique brands are inherently aspirational. To the broader public, there is nothing aspirational about me when it comes to fashion. I’m made to wear fast fashion that’s as disposable as my fat body is considered to be. I want to treat myself. I want elevated product. I want customer care. I hope Premme continues to be strategic and tender with their growth (because this company will grow, there’s no doubt in my mind). But hear me out, your body is better than a mall.  Your body is better than wearing the same fit ‘n’ flare jersey dress that a thousand other girls fee safe in. I urge you to create a closet of items that tell your story and tell it well. I mean, for sure, chagirl gonna go buy a mesh see-through $10 shirt that says “Daddy” on the tiddies. Duh. She also gonna go on a couple of spender-benders at good ol’ Target. Buuuuut, I’m also gonna rock this jumpsuit and outfit it with only the finest of accessories!

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All photos by my girl Courtney Joy Photography.

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