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Hello! It’s been a long while, hasn’t it! A lot has changed since I last posted. I’m currently working as a stylist for Dia&Co and am having the time of my life learning the ropes around satellite styling. I’ve also just recently planned a trip to Paris in February, so expect TONS of insane content around that time. In the meantime? I’ll be updating this blog more regularly and talking about all the things I love. I really do take such pleasure in writing, I’m surprised I don’t make it a daily ritual. I am going to be focusing predominantly on style. Maybe my signature rude sense of humor will creep in, but I really want this blog to consist of more visual work.  Just wanted to step in and say “Hello” before I become too lazy, and slack on this whole blogging thing again. Do me a favor and leave a comment about what sort of thing you would like to see from me! I spend a ton of time on Instagram and wanted to take my time creating better content for anyone that has been following along so far. Let’s do this!

Moto Jacket: Marybelle $99.00

Mesh Yoke Tied Blouse:  Fashion to Figure $42.90

Zip Legging: Lysse $92.00

Purse: Vintage Neiman Marcus

Mules: Thrifted 

Hi there! Come in and cozy up on the couch! Happy Shopping!

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